Milk + Cookies at 787 Windsor in Mechanicsville

On April 7th, Bowe, Inc. will produce and promote Milk + Cookies at 787 Windsor. Milk + Cookies is a dessert themed music event with curated food selections, conceived to explore and satisfy the diverse pallet of Atlanta. Similar to everyone’s favorite
snack pairing, Milk + Cookies, this event blends music genres and creative activities to produce a blissful experience. We will feature live music by eight (8) national and local artists.

I have organized and produced seven (7) previous concerts in Atlanta (at Atlantic Station and Piedmont Park) similar to this where we are assembling all of the necessary components on a site within the city. All of these events were a success and without incident or nuisance to neighboring businesses or residents.

Bowe, Inc. is honored and enthused to be able to host this event in Atlanta. We look forward to engaging with the stakeholders in our neighborhood, in our city and to celebrating Atlanta’s social and cultural connections with the other international cities that will be participating.

If you have any questions, please contact Jhana Grant at