2nd Annual 2018 ILI TIME Challenge for College Students

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Second Annual 2018 ILI TIME Challenge for College Students to pitch their ideas on how to move NASA technology into the marketplace has officially launched!!

Please share the attached PDF with your networks and encourage students to sign up as soon as possible to maximize the time they will have to review the 90+ NASA Technologies to choose from for their first round submission for the competition.

Key Due Dates:

(1) Student Sign up by: April 30, 2018 – www.ili360.org/timechallenge [the clock is ticking]

(2) First Submission Due: May 31st – via Mi Rialiti Smartphone Platform (www.mirialiti.com)

(3) Final Submission Due: September 21st

(4) Finalists Pitch: October 27th – Washington DC.

Between May and Aug we are providing technical assistance (TA) webinars for participating college students on (1) how to submit ideas, (2) financial modeling for startups by an Angel Investor and (3) patent research provided by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) firm.

Want to be involved?

  • Host/Sponsor a Webinar?
  • Provide Travel Stipends for Students?
  • Host/Sponsor a Pre-event – Reception (Oct 26th)?
  • Host/Sponsor the main Event (Oct 27th)?
  • Something else?

Event support can be done online now via https://www.ili360.org/timesponsorform.

von Nkosi, NCARB, AIA
Institute for Local Innovations (ILI)
Liquid Studios ®

Email : von@ili360.org
Mobile: 404.909.3276
NOLA Office: 504.460.6727