Reimagining Community Engagement in Atlanta

The Center for Civic Innovation (CCI) believes that people should be empowered as the fundamental voice in public decision-making. We want a more effective system of community engagement between people and public decision-makers, so that they hear from, listen to, and engage with one another. A strong system of engagement is built on understanding and trust.

While the City of Atlanta has seen a lot of change since Mayor Maynard Jackson took office in 1974, its formal community engagement system of Neighborhood Planning Units (NPU) has not. Atlanta’s 25 NPUs were designed as a vehicle for residents to be informed and empowered as decision-makers in their own city. The NPU system needs evaluation and modernization.

On March 14 at Atlanta City Hall, we are proud to announce that we will be launching our NPU Initiative, a multi-year evaluation and reimagining of community engagement of Atlanta.