AECF Community Investment Fund Advisory Board

Dear NPU-V neighbor, We invite you and others you may know across the NPU-V neighborhoods to apply to become a 2019-2020 Advisory Board member for the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Community Investment Fund. The Casey Foundation’s Atlanta Civic Site team partners with community members to support resident-led projects in NPU-V that focus on our priority areas: education achievement, neighborhood transformation, and family economic success.

The Role of Community Investment Fund Advisory Board Members The board will review, select and award funding for community projects, with support from Atlanta Civic Site staff. Please note that board members and groups they lead are not eligible to apply for Community Investment Fund grants; therefore, if you are a member of the board, senior staff or otherwise leading an organization or a project that would like to apply for a grant, you should not apply to be an Advisory Board member. We will share information about the 2019 Community Investment Fund application process in early next year.

If you are interested in nominating someone for board membership, please provide his or her name and contact information to Kristina Sales ( or 678.686.0159) or pass along the application and encourage that person to apply.

More information can be found here: 2019CIFBoardInviteApplication (2)