Code Enforcement Training Academy – Starting Soon!

Good afternoon, everyone! I promise I won’t make a habit of sending more than one email in a day, but I do want to be sure I pass along good information when it comes across my desk! Today I saw this flyer and wanted to share it with you all. Incidentally, I am a graduate of the inaugural class of the Code Enforcement Training Academy (June 2019), and can personally attest to the benefit of this training. It is really useful for those who want to be more knowledgeable about how we can reduce blight, trash piles, clogged sewer systems and illegal dumping. And an unexpected benefit in my case was that two other people from my neighborhood were there, and we were able to bond and discuss ideas for creating a code enforcement “watch” for our neighborhood.

The academy is sponsored by the City of Atlanta’s Code Enforcement Commission. Representatives of every city department (ATL 311, APD Code Enforcement, Public Works, Planning, Watershed, Fire & Rescue, and the Municipal Court and Solicitor’s Office) are present to share how their work overlaps with Code Enforcement and what they do to keep our neighborhoods clean, neat and safe.

The Academy is free, but registration ends on 8/18/19. Please send this out to all the neighborhoods in your NPU and share on social media. I think it would be helpful to the City and the NPU system to have code enforcement ambassadors in each neighborhood.

If you have any questions about the class, please email or 404.546.4982.