Gun Control Community Public Safety Summit

The Metro-Atlanta Crime Commission would like to formally request your attendance, participation and support in our October 12, 2019 Gun Control Community Public Safety Summit. Please see the attached flyer and send a return email to register.

In case you are not familiar with us and the public safety services we provide, the MACC would like to take a moment to bring you up to date. The Metro-Atlanta Crime Commission (MACC) is a crime prevention / intervention agency established to educate the public, provide community safety programs and resources, create and implement  diversionary programs and bridge the gap between citizens and local law enforcement.

In the past several years we have worked with several key agencies in Atlanta including the COPS unit of the Atlanta Police Department in crime prevention and the establishment of youth intervention programs, the Fulton County Office of Children and Youth in teaching business life skills and assisted local communities with crime prevention. Our one of a kind Police Encounters 101 program continues to help bridge the gap of understanding between local law enforcement and private citizens.

Going forward, the Metro-Atlanta Crime Commission has now included the development of the Metro-Atlanta Life Skills Training Academy for youth (MALTA), gun control community summits, new crime prevention training for women and senior citizens, extensive personal firearms safety and training courses, availability for seminars and community training in all of the areas we have created, new partnership, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities. Email us if you have any questions.

Please join us in this collaborative effort as we make our citizens and communities safer. Please REGISTER NOW to attend the summit by sending an email as soon as possible to and share this email with as many others as you can. Your input is important. Limited seating. Thank you in advance.


M. Payne