NPU Co-ed Kickball Tournament

Good morning,

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your weekend.  We have received interest in the Kickball.  We have enough for almost three teams.

If you are sending out an email to the body of your NPU please include the following:

Good day members,

We are looking to start an NPU Co-ed Kickball League.  .  If you wish to participate please contact Mrs. Jennifer McIntosh @ with your name, email address and the NPU you represent.  The deadline to register is March 27th.

Here’s some basic information:

  • NO COST; its free
  • must be 18yrs or older to participate; 9-11 players needed to start a team.
  • each NPU will choose their team name, team color and identify a City of Atlanta Park to play in.
  • game day will be on a Sunday from 2:30 – 5:30 pm and consists of 5 innings.
  • the team that scores 10 points or leads within 50 minutes is the WINNER!
  • league to begin in May and end in June depending on how many NPU teams sign up.

I am kindly asking that you please share this flyer with your members.  If you already have a list of participants, send me their names and email addresses.

Mrs. McIntosh
Chair, NPU-L
(678) 561-2202