Stadium Neighborhoods Community Trust Fund (The Trust) Selects Next Slate of Grant Awards

Atlanta, GA — April 7, 2020 — The Stadium Neighborhood Community Trust Fund (The Trust) announces that 17 organizations have been selected to receive funds totaling $1,043,350 through its first competitive grant process. The awards have been approved by the City Council Community Development/Human Services (CDHS) committee, Atlanta City Council, and the mayor.

Although it was initially planned for the grantees to complete their projects from April 1, 2020 to April 1, 2021, the COVID-19 crisis may extend that time period depending on the nature of the proposed project. The Trust received 33 grant applications and was able to fund over half of those requests received in areas of community development, job training, and affordable housing – targeted priorities established by the legislation that created the fund.

The following organizations have been awarded funding for 2020 -2021:

▪ Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation
▪ Barack & Michelle Obama Academy PTA
▪ Community Care
▪ Emmaus House
▪ Greening Youth Foundation
▪ HouseProud Atlanta
▪ Mechanicsville Civic Association
▪ Midtown Assistance Center
▪ Mimi’s Yoga Kids
▪ Nicholas House
▪ Organized Neighbors of Summerhill
▪ Summerhill Community Ministries
▪ The Pittsburgh Collaborative
▪ The Urban Advocate
▪ Urban Oak Initiative
▪Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation
▪Barack & Michelle Obama Academy PTA
▪Community Care
▪Emmaus House
▪Greening Youth Foundation
▪HouseProud Atlanta
▪Mechanicsville Civic Association
▪Midtown Assistance Center
▪Mimi’s Yoga Kids
▪Nicholas House
▪Organized Neighbors of Summerhill
▪Summerhill Community Ministries
▪The Pittsburgh Collaborative
▪The Urban Advocate
▪Urban Oak Initiative

“The Committee is excited we’ve been able to complete this first competitive process to invest these dollars into projects and initiatives that will serve our neighbors. We look forward to working with the grantees and continuing our mission to serve as a financial and educational resource to our stadium neighborhoods,” states John Helton, The Trust committee chair.

To learn more about the next grant cycle and how to apply for future funding, interested parties should subscribe to The Trust database online at

About The Trust
The Stadium Neighborhood Community Trust Fund (The Trust) was created by Atlanta City Council in late 2017 after the sale of Turner Field and surrounding properties in response to community concerns. $5 million was designated to support projects and activities that benefit the Atlanta neighborhoods of Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh, Summerhill, and the portion of Grant Park. The committee consists of 11 members representing all communities appointed by the city council and mayor.