NPU-V Statement and Demands: Divest in Policing, Reinvestment in Communities

After many meetings and very lengthy meetings, our communities have put forth these recommendations hoping they are used as references to guide the conversations from true community. Please read the recommendations and we get back with us as soon as possible.

Thank You
Columbus Ward

Attachment: NPU-V community demands[2702]

Divest in Policing, Reinvestment in Communities

NPU-V demands the following actions take place to support and advance our communities after the killing of Mr. Rayshard Brooks by officers of the Atlanta Police Department in our community in addition to other unjust experiences:

  • The NPU-V community members shall be on the hiring committee for the next police chief, NPU’s shall select representation and community members should constitute at least 25% of the hiring committee
  • Adopt a formal community policing program and provide required training in community policing require that the entire file of police officers be released as part of the investigation after a police-involved shooting
  • Impose intervention requirement for officers in presence of officer interacting with a suspect in a manner that violates protocols
  • Eliminate qualified immunity for police officers sued by the families of decedents (civil actions)
  • Limit police use of deadly force/require reasonable force standard not necessary force standard
  • Prohibit use of chokeholds by police
  • Require release of body cam footage within a proscribed period
  • Officer pensions should be forfeited if they are found guilty of misconduct
  • Defund police weaponry to reinvest in social community programs
  • Community members shall be on the hiring committees for the new police chief
  • Transform APD policing policies procedures and trainings to support community policing efforts
  • Support community efforts to end voter’s suppression
  • Adopt the remaining 6 of the 8 Cannot Wait policies that are not currently adopted in the City of Atlanta
  • Pass the Hate Crime bill in FULL at the local city level
  • Support to end Stand Your Ground
  • Support to end Citizen’s Arrest
  • Remove qualified immunity status for police officers
  • Implement Mandatory psychological testing, racial bias trainings, and lie detector testing to prevent racialized arrests and killings.
  • Extend academy training to include community policing engagement
  • An independent review of all APD police shootings shall be mandatory, findings and results shall be given to communities and District Attorney
  • 120-day moratorium on use of all military grade equipment in the City of Atlanta
  • Mandate community input on new hiring of officers
  • Demand Prosecutor accountability via Community Review Board
  • Processes for ACCOUNTABILITY and public communication (HIRE PEOPLE FROM RESPECTIVE COMMUNITIES) to increase transparency
  • Develop, implement, and disclose a CONFLICT OF INTEREST CLAUSE
  • Community and Officials shall appoint a citizen review board with a paid position
  • Elected officials must support, advocate, legislate for the interests of the communities they represent
  • Put a limit on the number of terms an elected position can be held, reduced to 8 consecutive years not more.
  • Impose a Cease of fire from all APD officers via a 90-day moratorium in the City of Atlanta, ONLY if the life of the officer is imperiled.
  • APD, Personnel violations need to be made available to the public and open records act.

These actions are steppingstones to eliminating inequity and are in no way exhaustive. We request a response to these demands within two (2) weeks on Friday, June 26th, 2020 by 5 PM.