Intrenchment Creek One Water Management Task Force -Stormwater Assessment and Recommendations

At last month’s NPU-V meeting, Jenny Hoffner from American Rivers shared a presentation on behalf of the Intrenchment Creek One Water Management Task Force. You can find their presentation here: IC One Water Presentation 0712_compressed

The headwaters of Intrenchment Creek are hidden beneath an urban landscape defined by asphalt, from the tangled intersection of I-75/85 and I-20 to vast parking lots surrounding the former Olympic Stadium/Turner Field. The dominance of pavement and impervious surfaces combined with aging infrastructure underground has resulted in persistent flooding in the historic downstream neighborhoods.

As the area redevelops, an unprecedented opportunity exists to rethink stormwater management and engage in an equitable, resilient “One Water” approach. To do so will require an unparalleled collaboration between private and public stakeholders across property lines to create impact at a scale that could holistically address and manage the impact of flooding and combined sewer spills.