Thriving Community Building Grant Deadline TODAY

Thriving Communities Building Grant-TCBG is a Resident lead grant opportunity for six neighborhoods Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh, Summerhill and Capitol Gateway, known collectively as Neighborhood Planning Unit V (NPU-V). The primary objectives of these grants are to:

  • Support volunteers and grassroots organizations taking ownership in improving their communities;
  • Foster relationships by encouraging diverse community partnerships to work toward common goals;
  • Build capacity within the community through training and leadership development; and
  • Support and track at least one measureable neighborhood improvement from each grantee, with the understanding that incremental improvements lead to broader community impact.
  • Support organizations that are community based, and that use community organizing to achieve their goals
  • Support and build for capacity youth & young adults.

Grant awards range from $5000–$10,000 annually. The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. Monday, October 5, 2020. No exceptions.

Application Attachment: Thriving Community Building grant application Final