Murphy Crossing Coalition Demands of Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

Tim Keane, Commissioner, Department of City Planning
Eloisa Klementich, President and CEO, Invest Atlanta,
Atlanta Beltline, Inc.
Chairs, NPU-S, NPU-V, NPU-X
Presidents, Oakland City, Adair Park, Capital View

The initial partnership between the Murphy Crossing Coalition (MCC) and Atlanta BeltLine Inc. (ABI) came with three data points upheld by MCC as critical to the RFP process. These points would ensure that the work undertaken by MCC would bring results, not just head-nods. MCC released a survey (primarily covering property layout, density, transportation requirements, and other relevant development concerns) at the end of August, and by November 6th it received over 1,000 responses from surrounding community members.

This overwhelming engagement proves that ABI should not only understand, but act upon the fact that our community has demands, requests, and suggestions. The enclosed report will address these items with exception of the demands, which we will address here.

Murphy Crossing Coalition Demands:
(1) That there be a MCC-selected Community Representative in the RFP process who shall also have a weighted vote in the selection process (i.e., not simply provide advisory input);
(2) That the RFP include a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) requirement; and
(3) That ABI formally abolish the so-called “required” Cone of Silence.
(4) That the RFP require developers to begin the infrastructure for BeltLine Transit and a Murphy Crossing infill MARTA station.

Read the full list of demands here: MCCRelease