Trees Atlanta Watershed Grant (Application Due Monday 1/11)

From our friends at Trees Atlanta:

The Watershed Grant with Trees Atlanta is for 12 installations of rain gardens for homeowners who live in Intrenchment Creek , Proctor Creek and Utoy creek watersheds. I will select 4 home sites in each watershed. There is a Green Infrastructure Survey below If you know of ideal candidates in these watersheds. One very helpful tip is for the homeowner to send in good pictures and videos of when water is actually pooling, standing, or flowing, if they have them. This will help with assessments and designs. The application has been extended to Monday, January 11. 

Trees Atlanta Green Infrastructure Survey

Each rain garden will be specifically designed as green infrastructure to enhance Atlanta’s urban canopy and simultaneously capture and manage stormwater runoff. One of the primary objectives of this process will be to develop and test cost-effective models for implementing residential or community-based green infrastructure in Atlanta with an ultimate goal of encouraging a city-wide program aimed at residential or community properties. We will maximize every opportunity to provide learning experiences during and after installation for staff, volunteers, the general public, and other practitioners working in the region.

This project aligns with the City of Atlanta’s Green Infrastructure Strategic Action Plan, which was adopted by Atlanta City Council in October 2017. Trees Atlanta served as a member of the Green Infrastructure Task Force that helped create the plan, which positions Atlanta as a leader in green infrastructure for a resilient, sustainable, and equitable future. Additionally, the implementation of Green infrastructure is a key objective in the City of Atlanta’s Watershed Improvement Plans (WIP) for Intrenchment, Proctor and Utoy Creeks. These plans identify projects, activities, and policies within each watershed that will improve watershed health and water quality. Specific objectives within these plans that the project will address include: removing pollutants from stormwater, providing capacity relief to underground sewer infrastructure, and reducing harmful impacts from stormwater on nearby streams and residents. The project also supports key City of Atlanta Watershed Health Objectives including economic health and healthy communities.