NPU-V Elections

Elections for NPU-V officer positions will be held during our December meeting and we are working with the City of Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Units office with the handling of our election. This year’s election will be held the same way as 2020.

Eligibility to run for one of the NPU offices is as follows: 

Candidates for any Office of NPU-V shall be individuals who have had their primary residence within the geographic boundaries of NPU-V for at least twenty­ four (24) months  immediately prior to their nomination and who have been In attendance,  as evidence by the sign-In  sheets in NPU-V  regular  monthly  meetings  for at  least nine  (9)  months  (between  August  31st  of  the previous year to September 1st of the current year) prior to their nomination.  Members nominated and/or elected President and Vice President are expected to have served for at least one (1) year in any NPU-V officer position before serving as President or Vice President of NPU-V.

Eligibility to vote is as follows:

In order to be eligible to vote you had to have attended 4 NPU V monthly meetings from September 2020- August 2021.

For reference, you may find a link to the bylaws here:

All individuals eligible to run and / or vote will have received an email notification of eligiblity. If you believe you are eligible but did not receive an email notification, please email and your information will be forwarded to the Corresponding Secretary.