Community Blitz

We are excited to announce that the Atlanta Planning and Advisory Board (APAB) – Public Safety Committee will be hosting it’s next “Community Blitz”, in Mechanicsville / Summerhill Communities, Saturday, March 5, 2022. The “Community Blitz” is a day where business and community stakeholders work together to share information and resources while they participate in a community clean up.

We will be staging at the Dunbar Neighborhood Center. Participants will be setting up tents and distributing cleaning supplies from this location. We will be targeting our clean-up efforts along Abernathy Blvd from McDaniel Street to Hank Aaron Blvd. Roughly 10 blocks. Our efforts also includes the playground area.

We are in communication with a list of the stakeholders we expect to participate including City and County Officials and Agencies. Targeted businesses include – Venue Owners / Studio Owners / Bar Owners / Artists / Radio / Media & Social Media Influencers. Anyone who has a stake in Atlanta’s entertainment and nightlife economy. We want to make sure that these stakeholders understand how to engage using the NPU system and local agencies. Nightlife issues addressed by the NPU system include:

  1. Public Safety
    b. Liquor licenses
    c. Clean-up and Lighting
    d. Neighborhood watch
    e. Nuisance Properties
    f. Quality of life

We expect businesses and stakeholders from NPU V, X, Y and Z to be present. We will be hosting healing circles after the event as well as other services all currently available to residents of NPU-V.  Here are some pictures from previous community blitzes. We will be creating a video to share after the event.