Youth Community Builders Program Flyer

My name is Keith Hagood, a Prevention Specialist with Westcare GA. Our Youth Department host A Leadership Program called Youth Community Builders ( YCB), and would like children from our community to be a part of our 2nd cohort!

I have attached the flyers to help promote this group.

We are having an informational this Saturday at 11 am at Westcare.

The Goal of YCB is to empower youth to make a difference in themselves and their community! Our program is designed to engage, uplift, and support our youth to develop their brightest  potential while making the best choices.

The perks of our program include but are not limited:

  1. Dope Swag (YCB  Shirt)
  2. Community Service Hours ( needed for school)
  3. Amazing Cultural Experiences / travel/
  4. Entrepreneurial  Skills
  5. Technology Skills
  6. Employment Skills ( resume building, interview training)
  7. $$ Stipend  $$  for Program Completion
  8. And much more ………

We are looking for youth between the ages of 13-17 years of age to join our Leadership Program!

YCB Sign Up flyer
YCB new flyer

Thank You from the Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council!

Greetings from the Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council!

ICCSC is a newly-formed organization working to reverse decades of environmental injustice impacting the residents of our south Atlanta communities. This past week, our organization has been one of several leading an initiative to ensure that the city doesn’t weaken existing legislation aimed at holding developers accountable for the ways their projects can cause flooding and flooding-related displacement in our communities.

We just wanted to extend a big thank you to our community members and legislators who supported our efforts ahead of last week’s City of Atlanta Utilities Committee work session. While Intrenchment Creek communities like Peoplestown bear the brunt of under-regulated development and the poor management of stormwater in this city, this is definitely a citywide issue and your voices were and are greatly appreciated. All in all, we had 33 different community members speak up at public commentary, resulting in nearly an hour of feedback to our city’s leaders.

Note that our work on this is just the first many initiatives we’ll be working to ensure that the city is doing everything in its power to hold developers in check and support our most vulnerable residents. In fact, our next fight on this will be on this particular issue will be on November 10, as the stormwater management legislation goes for a second read to the City Utilities Community. So we’ll be asking for your support again, but if last week is any indication, we’re proud to know that you all have our backs on this.

So thank you all so much once again! It’s amazing to see the city respond to our community’s voices. You can find the video for the work session here (, and the discussion about removed language begins around the 1 hour and 21-minute mark.

And while we haven’t officially launched yet, if you’d like to learn more about the Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council and our fight against attempts like this to weaken the post-construction stormwater ordinance (we’re actually working to strengthen it!), please click here:

Thank you all so much once again!

Jason Dozier and Chris Lemons
Co-Chairs , Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council

NPU-V October Virtual Meeting TONIGHT (10/12) @ 7pm!

Join us for our monthly meeting for residents of Neighborhood Planning Unit V! NPU-V encompasses the communities of Mechanicsville, Summerhill, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh, Adair Park, and Capitol Gateway.

The meeting will be held TONIGHT on Monday, October 12th, at 7pm via Zoom.  Participants will need to register in advance for this meeting via this link:

Meeting ID: 992 1132 0112
iPhone one-tap
US: +16465588656,,99211320112 #
Dial-In: 646-558-8656, access code, 99211320112#

Call-in participants will be able to “raise their hand” by dialing *9 during the meeting. NPU-V board members hosting the meeting will be able to see any participants with raised hands and recognize them for asking questions or recording tallies for voting matters.

If you have questions about the Zoom meeting, please email and the NPU-V board Zoom hosts will be able to help.

The meeting agenda can be found here:
The City of Atlanta is divided into 25 Neighborhood Planning Units or NPUs, which are citizen advisory councils that make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on zoning, land use, and other planning issues. The NPU system was established in 1974 to provide an opportunity for citizens to participate actively in the Comprehensive Development Plan, which is the city’s long-term vision for the next five, ten, and fifteen years into the future. It is also used as a way for citizens to receive information concerning all functions of city government.
See you there!

Z-20-69 Short Term Rental Substitute for Vote Tonight

Good afternoon,

Since sending you earlier communication it is the request of the author of the legislation to add R-5 (Two Family Residential) District.  Please find attached the substitute paper adding R-5.

The item will appear on your October 2020 agendas for REVIEW AND COMMENT and for a VOTE on your NOVEMBER 2020 agendas. The item will be heard by Zoning Review Board December 3, or December 10, 2020.  If you have questions regarding this legislation, please contact me via email or at the number below.

If the NPU has written comments or a resolution please send to  Please add Z-20-69 to the subject line.


Z-20-69 Ordinance_substitute
Z-20-69 Fact Sheet_substitute

Job Opportunity with CHRIS 180

Hello everyone

I wanted to share some employment opportunities with you all for community residents. We are currently looking for at least 10 residents to engage in contact tracing in the Zone 3 community. It is a contracted position that pays $20/hr. Please send me the resumes of those you recommend. I will then forward to the hiring manager.

Alfred L. Garner II. MSW
NPU-V Community Manager
(470) 218-7037

Attachment: Core Case Investigator 2-2

Call to Action! | Demand City Council Stop Flooding in our Communities!


On behalf of a newly formed organization called the Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council, we’re calling on all neighbors, businesses, and community stakeholders impacted by flooding and displacement in our city to call on City Council to oppose the weakening of our stormwater management ordinance. Public comment addressing proposed changes to our ordinance will be happening TONIGHT and can be made by dialing (404) 330-6057 between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on TONIGHT, Wednesday, October 7.

Though we are centered around NPU-V, Intrenchment Creek is the primary watershed area in south and south east Atlanta. Many residents may not be aware of the creek because much of it is buried underneath asphalt and concrete. In fact, that development is a major reason why we see significant flooding in communities like Peoplestown when we have big rain storms. The creek is beneath us, right under our feet and under our streets, and when it rains, that rainwater has to go somewhere. And for too many of our residents, it’s coming into our homes and causing displacement.

The Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council is working to reverse this, and soon more will come out about our work to do so. In the meantime, we’re asking neighbors, community members, and stakeholders to call into public comment TONIGHT ahead of tomorrow’s Utilities Committee work session because the City of Atlanta is exploring weakening the city’s existing stormwater management ordinance.

Here are two of the biggest changes to the ordinance:

  • First, the changes weaken the incentive for developers to incorporate green infrastructure in their projects. For context, green infrastructure includes things like retention ponds, bioswales, or even the brick, permeable pavers that you see on Connally Street and Atlanta Avenue. It also removes the requirement to detain water quantities if infiltration is impossible, which essentially removes the incentive for reuse.
  • Secondly, the changes remove the requirements for developers to detain stormwater for two days if the development did not achieve stormwater requirements through new green infrastructure or reuse of captured stormwater.

Keeping the latter requirement especially would be a huge boon in helping to address water pressure issues caused by shorter, high intensity storms (think of the storms this summer) by extending the time it takes for water runoff to drain beyond the duration of the storm. This requirement would also help address back-to-back storm events (which is extremely critical now that we’re in hurricane and tropical storm season), which would otherwise cause flooding for multiple days.

By removing the requirement, this just ensures that developers need to meet the bare minimum standards as defined by the state. Removing this section leaves things at the status quo at the state level, and doesn’t account for the fact that many of our issues stem from an aging city combined sewer system overburdened in current storms which are expected to get worse with more adverse weather due to climate change.

While all of this can seem complex and full of jargon, our ask is simple: we need our neighbors to demand that these “redlined” and redacted sections be restored to the legislation. Specifically, we’re asking for the “Extended Detention” language in Section 74 to be restored to the legislation. Without this, it will be extremely difficult to achieve our resiliency, sustainability, and counter-displacement goals. So your voices are even more critical! Please let your neighbors know!

We want to let City Council know that our communities have a voice in the matter too. So we have three asks for you as fellow citizens and as leaders of your community:

  1. Provide public comment for the work session TONIGHT in support of restoring the redacted language by dialing (404) 330-6057 between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on TONIGHT, Wednesday, October 7. Messages can’t exceed three (3) minutes and will only be accepted within those specific hours. And if this seems complicated, don’t worry! A sample script with talking points has been included here. The work session will be tomorrow, and you can listen in or watch by following the instructions listed here:

  2. Call and email members of the committee and tell them to vote in support of restoring the redacted language. And then call and email your council person. One way or another, this will eventually go before the full council. Committee members are listed here:

    Natalyn Archibong (Chair)
    P: (404) 330-6048

    Cleta Winslow
    P: (404) 330-6047

    Howard Shook
    P: (404) 330-6050

    J.P. Matzigkeit
    P: (404) 330-6051

    Dustin Hillis
    P: (404) 330-6044

    Andrea Boone
    P: (404) 330-6055

    Joyce Sheperd
    P: (404) 330-6053

  3. Ask your neighborhood associations, NPUs, churches, business, and other organizing groups to sign on to the attached letter in support of strengthening the language in our stormwater ordinance. The letter was drafted by our partners the South Atlanta Watershed Alliance, and the Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council is in full support. If you’re not sure if your neighborhood or NPU is an Intrenchment Creek community, you can use this map for reference. And if your neighborhood or NPU isn’t in the watershed, that’s fine too! This legislation will have citywide ramifications.

And if you would like to see more of the specifics, you can reference the following documents. The “Redlined” proposed changes are what we are now responding to:

The key to all of this is that we’re all impacted, so any plea should be a personal one. And please don’t hesitate to ask us any clarifying questions you might have! If you do, feel free to reach out to Jason Dozier at or 404-913-6419.

And remember, if you have trouble navigating the jargon, please refer to the script we’ve provided:

Thank you all so much for your consideration!

-The Intrenchment Creek Community Stewardship Council

Thriving Community Building Grant Deadline TODAY

Thriving Communities Building Grant-TCBG is a Resident lead grant opportunity for six neighborhoods Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh, Summerhill and Capitol Gateway, known collectively as Neighborhood Planning Unit V (NPU-V). The primary objectives of these grants are to:

  • Support volunteers and grassroots organizations taking ownership in improving their communities;
  • Foster relationships by encouraging diverse community partnerships to work toward common goals;
  • Build capacity within the community through training and leadership development; and
  • Support and track at least one measureable neighborhood improvement from each grantee, with the understanding that incremental improvements lead to broader community impact.
  • Support organizations that are community based, and that use community organizing to achieve their goals
  • Support and build for capacity youth & young adults.

Grant awards range from $5000–$10,000 annually. The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. Monday, October 5, 2020. No exceptions.

Application Attachment: Thriving Community Building grant application Final