Request for Proposals from Local Artists for Pittsburgh Art

Where the Heart Is: An Artistic Examination of Home is a community-led public art initiative that provides a platform for Pittsburgh residents to reclaim their shared spaces and the narratives that accompany them. Areas of residential value and civic interaction, such as barber shops, convenience stores, recreation centers, basketball courts, churches, and even abandoned lots are publicly unsung as viable community assets and/or colloquial sacred spaces. Where the Heart Is allows Pittsburgh stakeholders the opportunity to affirm and commemorate the landmarks, symbols, and stories that reflect their collective identity via public art. Through an extensive community engagement process, WonderRoot and the project artist(s) will work collaboratively with residents to identify landmarks of local value, capture individual narratives, and conceptualize artistic markers that articulate the collective vision of the neighborhood. Where the Heart Is encourages the Pittsburgh community to reexamine their eminence as valued residents as they continuously shape their shared environment.

WonderRoot is currently accepting proposals for the Lead Artist for the Where the Heart Is project. Interested applicants can download the request for proposals here and submit proposals here.

Pittsburgh Yards March Monthly Update Meeting

Please consider this your invitation to participate in the monthly Community Engagement meeting for Pittsburgh Yards. We will continue our group conversations around how to integrate community history and art into the site, support inclusion of local entrepreneurs, incorporate environmental sustainability and encourage local hiring.

The meeting with take place at Pittman Park Community Center at 6:00 p.m and will end at 7:30 p.m. The address is 950 Garibaldi St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310.

Below you will find the agenda for the meeting.

  • Meeting Theme:  “It’s Showtime! “
  • Welcome and Introductions (5 minutes)
  • Progress Made since February – The Annie E. Casey Foundation/Columbia Core Partners (10 minutes)
  • Construction Update – CD Moody Construction (15  minutes)
    • Monthly Construction Highlights
    • Construction related jobs and subcontracting
  • Groundbreaking Celebration Update – The Annie E. Casey Foundation and Working Group Members (15 minutes)
  • Community Media Training – The Annie E. Casey Foundation/Columbia Core Partners (10 minutes)
  • Branding Update – HUMINT (20 minutes)
  • History & Art – Columbia Core Partners (5 minutes)
  • Working Group Updates (20-30 minutes)
    • History and Art
    • Development (Naming, Sustainability, Environmental)
    • Jobs/Jobs Culture
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Branding

Next Meeting: Please also mark your calendars for the next monthly meeting, which will be on Thursday,   April 12th, 2018.